Ugh, it is too early/hot/cold/wet/late to go for a run…

And I have cramps/headache/sore this or that…

And I don’t wanna run 🙁

I think everyone who has ever run has had the day where all the excuses seem to make the not running O.K. I have these days about once a week.  Today I powered through it by saying it is just an easy run, just a short run.  I started out pretty good.  I worked up a sweat and my breathing was pretty labored.  I thought I was good, but when I hit the first mile, the time was 2 minutes slower than I should be running on an easy day.  Well damn, so much for pushing through.

Then I noticed something else. I just wanted to quit running and go home.  I walked for a minute got some gatorade, then started running again.  I ran for a bit and walked for a bit the rest of my “run”. See how I used the quotes there?  I wouldn’t call it a run after that start/stop action.  I tried to figure out what was going on.  Was I too full from breakfast? Was I dehydrated from not enough water yesterday?  Was I tired from not sleeping? Was I sore from the weight lifting yesterday?  I never did figure it out or seem to find a pace that was comfortable, even after a couple of miles.

I finished my “run” and got home. I looked over my tracking software and it looked like I was running 4 minutes/mile to fast and then walking.  Trouble with pacing when you didn’t want to run, but feel like you have to stay on track. Anyone have a good idea to work on judging your pace?

uphill both ways 🙁