When does it stop hurting?  I’ve been running consistently for almost two months now.  I  jogged 2 miles on Monday, jogged 5k in 44:13 on Tuesday, that is 1:42 faster than the Nashville 5k a few weeks ago.  Not a huge difference, but not a long time either. I kept running until I reached an hour 4.2 miles total.  Taking tomorrow off to see if a little break helps with the constant aches. I find that icing my knees after each run helps keep them from swelling and hurting as much, but they still hurt.  I also find myself taking a good bit of ibuprofen to be able to function.  There is not an sharp pain, like a bad injury.  I just have these constant aches and feel like my legs are made of jello or lead or both. Lead jello. That is the thing I’m trying to describe.