So after the marathon, I saw that a couple of my toenails were completely white. Not in a clear translucent look, but opaque solid white. Looks like the little buggers are basically detached… Big toe on one foot is half white, and it is the one that hurts. It is also the one that the dog insists on stepping on, of course. So running can sometimes cause you to loose a toenail for a little while. The ones that are completely off are actually no problem. The toenail that is half attached or 2/3 attached is a problem. I’m a wuss when it comes to ripping off nails from fingers or toes. This is probably going to end me in the podiatrist office.

What causes running to rip off your toenails? Shoes mostly. Shoes that don’t fit properly. I had a pair of Brooks ghosts that felt pretty good, but my second toe is about as long as my big toe. Shoes all slant in pretty hard, so I have a particular issue with shoes ripping my toenails off. If your shoe is too loose, you can also have your toes slide into the end of your shoe causing the same effect. I got a fitting at an actual running store, but it is still a matter of trial and error to find a shoe that works. Also, since shoe manufacturers insist on changing how the shoe fits every season, you can’t really stick with one you love. BOO!

Update: Went to the podiatrist.  Basically he trimmed the sharp edges where it was loose and cutting into my toe every time I stepped. He said the 3 nails would grow back with time and they have.  Took about 4 months for them to grow back. They are a little wavy/funny looking, but they are back 🙂


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