OK so scuba gear weighs a freaking ton.  My gear was 110 pounds.  We took intro scuba classes this weekend and next weekend.  I ran twice this week, but the legs are toast.  The thing about shore diving is you have to put on all of your gear and then walk with it on to the water.  We then had to float and kick out a quarter mile before dropping down to take the first series of tests to get scuba certified.  So when you think about running for 20 minutes, imagine walking for 5 with 110 pounds on your back.  Then kick out 1/4 mile, swim around for 20 minutes and walk back 5 minutes to your gear bag/box.  Did I mention the ocean is sand on the bottom?  Yeah so do that in sand.  We saw sand dollars, hundreds of them.  It was terrifying and exciting all at once.  I think the workout justifies not running today.   Let’s call this one a strength training day for sure.