So I’m headed back home, but the 2 weeks in Nashville really helped me nail a routine of running quite a few times a week.  I finished a 5k and feel like I am running faster than I did when I tried 5 years ago.  I’m going to try and run 5 times a week. I think the key for me is staying motivated because it is very easy to just skip a day. There is always a convenient reason to skip a run here or there. Routine helps in some ways because I just give up to the fact that Tuesday is a running day. If I do it first thing, I don’t have to think about running in the evening. I can come home from work and just have that beer I’ve been thinking about.
If I plan to run in the afternoon, I know it will be hotter. Then I start telling myself it is too hot to run right now. Then it is going to get dark and it is too late to go run outside. I can always go run on the treadmill, but then the gym is busy. Then I have a beer. Then there is a second beer. Then there is I’ll run on Friday instead of today… See how easy that is? I really find that I pretty much have to run in the morning. Also, running on the treadmill turns into I’m tired that is good enough for today. Run in a circle and you have to get back to the house/car. Problem solved.