So I started using this new to me app called mapmyrun.  I wanted to find a place to run 3 miles outside around my house.  I just did my 10k and my half is coming up.  Pretty cool plan your route on the computer and send to your phone.  You can drag and drop a route, or there is a feature where it will plan one for you.  Beware though, I used this and it went down some roads I didn’t know. Exciting I thought, see new places I thought, HA.  I ended up walking sideways down a hill with a super steep slope and climbing along the side of a 4 lane road with no sidewalk… So lesson learned.  If you have it pick a new route, drive it first!  Also, I really like the option to choose a route someone else has made/ran.  You can see a leader board for different routes, and the app will even let you know if you beat your best time.  I like the computer based dashboard that you can access.  Overall, pretty cool free option.  They have a pro version that will let friends/family track you as you run.  If you run crazy places, its nice to know someone can find you if you don’t come home.