So I saw the word beer linked to a run and signed up for my first 10k.  The San Diego Beer run 10k.  Its on August 23rd so plenty of time to get ready, I think.  Need to find a training program.  I looked around and can’t really seem to find much.  Most plans are either 5k or half marathon training plans.  I also decided to sign up for my first half marathon in November.  I’m just going to start training for that and run the 10k as part of the training for the half marathon. The 10k benefits a local school and there is beer so this is the definition of win-win.

I mean there is a run that I was probably going to do anyways with beer at the end, that I was going to drink anyway.  So yeah this sounds like a good fit.  I don’t just race for the beer, but… It is a huge reason I started running again.  I mean beer  is not necessarily the best running fuel, but it has carbs. So yeah, beer and running.  Now if only it isn’t too hot and is well laid out and and and.

What could possibly go wrong?