When I run, it is usually a constant battle for at least the first 2-3 miles. The aches and pains from muscles, joints and maybe tendons scream for me to stop, go back to the bed/couch and take it easy.  My body in general revolts at the idea that I am doing this again, so soon after the last run.  I find that I mentally fight running probably even harder until I warm up. Again 2-3 miles, I mean it could be almost an hour before I really feel like OK, I’m doing this. That is the point where I feel like I give in to the run.  I stop fighting it. I’m not going to quit running at this point.  A lot of times, I am almost back to the house.  If I’m in the gym on the treadmill I find it harder to give in because it is easier to stop….

When I do give in to the run though, it becomes magical. I find that running is no longer the burden that I have to do.  I think it is the moment when I am just being a runner, not so much concentrating on running.  Just being. It doesn’t happen that way often, but once in a while it does.  This is different than the mid run I suddenly feel good and want to run fast.  This is the part of running where you give in and just let your body run while your mind does other  things.  Good stuff.

What do you call this feeling?