OK so I asked around on Facebook for a running coach.  I used to have friends that did full ironman triathalon, marathons, etc.  I lucked out and found a girl living up in north county. She said she would be available to answer questions and even go on a run if I wanted.  What I was looking for in a running coach was someone who knows how to run, duh.  Someone that could really answer questions about specific issues and support me through my running journey.

It was great speaking with her for a little while, but she was way to busy being a semi-pro runner to really work on training with me.  As a beginning runner, I have far more questions than you would think you could have.  I mean everyone knows how to run right?  As a beginning runner, I thought I would have to have a coach to be able to finish my first half marathon, but it looks like I don’t.  I mean I would definitely do better with a personalized training plan for running, but I CAN do it by myself.  I got the chance to speak with someone and verify that what I’m doing is on the right track.  For right now, that is all I really wanted to know. I got a few pointers about when not to run and that was probably the most important thing.

After I get this running thing down, I’ll be offering to help other overweight runners with their training plans.


Happy trails!!