When I run, it is pretty slow.  I don’t necessarily want to be slow, but the reality is I’m a slow runner. I keep working on getting faster on a 5k so I can run a fun one again.  Every once in a while, I will try to run a 5k as fast as I can like I would in a race.  It is my type of speed work.  As a bigger runner, I find that the long pounding of a slow run tends to hurt the joints more than a quick short run.  That tends to hit the muscles in my legs more.  Today was 43:13 a minute faster than 2 weeks ago.  So yeah, a little  bit of a faster jog than what I have been doing.  I still think of it as a jog because I am over 12 minutes per mile.  I mean it feels like I’m running, but it looks like I’m shuffling with some sort of zombie plague… Man I love these shoes. I have a pair of Nike Vomero 6 and they are by far the most comfortable running shoes I think I’ve ever owned.  I really like the cloud feeling when I wear these compared to my brooks shoes that just don’t feel as cushioned.  Anyways, Cheers to faster 5ks all around.