Am I too slow to run2019-02-21T06:25:12+00:00

The short answer is no. You are not too slow! You can walk at any time. Even races as long as marathons have people that walk the entire thing. Don’t worry about your pace. Just take your time and go your own pace. Slow pace is still a pace. Have fun and don’t take it so seriously.

Training Plans2015-09-06T22:23:06+00:00

So you want to run, but not sure how to train?

There are a ton of options out there, but here are some of my favorites:

  1. Couch to 5k – this is literally a program designed for someone who is/does not run to finish a 5k in 9 weeks (downside – timed intervals assume you run a certain pace so use the distance options)
  2. Nike Plus Run Club – this app tends to be one of my favorites for out door runs. Training plans are put together by professionals, but I found the ramp up a little too strenuous when I used it for my first half marathon. 5k does a good job of mixing up workouts for 8 weeks.
  3. Walking your first 5k – 8 weeks Hal does a great job of starting you off where you can actually start.  Walking 15 minutes!!  If you feel a lot of pain with even a light jog, start here.

Overall, avoid programs that require 3 miles week 1 if you are not able to go out and run a mile now.  You can train for the walking your first 5k from almost any fitness level after you check with your physician of course.

I’m fat but I want to run2019-02-21T06:21:18+00:00

Great. So the beginning is really the hardest part. I know for me the best way to stay motivated is to sign up for a race and find a training plan. There is no shame in walking some or all of your first, or 100th race. Just start somewhere small, like a 5k. They have walkers so you won’t be alone on the course!

Shoes or no shoes2015-05-29T16:28:25+00:00

So if you start looking into running and you are a reader like me, you’ll find several schools of thought on running in general.  One is the barefoot movement based on the idea that your feet have been engineered over the course of evolution to be perfect for running in their natural state.  I   think this neglects the things that we have introduced into the world,  like paved roads and broken glass.  The minimal movement spawned from this idea though.

What is fat for runners anyways?2016-12-15T23:21:24+00:00

You can be considered overweight if you go by BMI and you’re above 24.9 or a waist size above 35 inches for women (webmd).  For runners, we tend to be smaller because of the running, but those rules still apply.