First, boring details.

So this week has been 2 days off 3 miles, 2.5 at 14:37 1 walking, 2 at 15:30, 4 at 15 minutes, 1 at 15:30, 2.8 at 14:37, 3 at 15, DAY OFF.

I can’t lie, this is kinda painful.  It is tough to feel like you don’t get any faster and every extra mile hurts that much more.  Seriously, running, ouch.  Good news is I can finish the distances so that is an improvement in itself.  I know that the longer I stick with running, the better I will get.  Starting out fat doesn’t help at all.  I’m looking into different training plans to gear up for the first half marathon ever.  Cool running has training plans for different levels and different length races.  I’ve also seen some on the Nike+ app on my phone. I’m going to try Nike first because it sets up reminders on your phone.  So you get an alert that you have a 3 mile run tomorrow, in case you forgot you were supposed to run 5 days a week.  We will see how it goes.