Active Recovery

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So if you are like me, the day after a long run is typically a rest day.  I take a rest day very, very seriously. If I can move only to go to the bathroom and kitchen for food/drinks, it is a good day.  At least this used to be my rest day. I recently started the Runners World streak challenge only I was sick when it was supposed to start. [...]

Heart Rate Monitors

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I read a lot of different books about training to run further, faster, and if possible easier. One of the types of training you can do is called heart rate training. If you run on a treadmill at the gym ever, you have probably seen that heart rate thing on the screen. Basically the idea is you train at a percentage of what your maximum heart rate should be. I'm [...]

When you don’t feel like running

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Ugh, it is too early/hot/cold/wet/late to go for a run... And I have cramps/headache/sore this or that... And I don't wanna run :( I think everyone who has ever run has had the day where all the excuses seem to make the not running O.K. I have these days about once a week.  Today I powered through it by saying it is just an easy run, just a short run. [...]

Beginning a running program

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Check with your doctor first, always. Especially if you, like me are out of shape.  Baby steps are the way to start your road back.  I recently met a lady at the Solana Beach Triathlon that could only walk 150 steps when she started getting back in shape.  She completed the triathlon and a couple of marathons.  Find something small to start.  I used to go try and run like [...]

Planning your next running event

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I like planning. I like having a plan. I hate wasting money.  I'll typically sign up for several large races a year now that I'm running consistently.  If you plan them out a year in advance you can usually get a much better deal on the cost for the races.  That is a big incentive for me to plan it out.  If you travel, rock-n-roll marathons even offer packages for [...]

On getting faster

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So there you  are at the back of the pack. Running a 5k and choking on the dust kicked up as everyone passes you.  You start to dream of running faster, not necessarily anything like winning the race, but faster.  The nice thing about faster is that it is relative.  So 14:55 per mile is faster than 14:56 per mile.  Ha ha, technicalities!  I'm talking more about significantly faster running. [...]

Coming in last

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So I think all runners in the non-elite area may have an occasional thought for the 1 person who comes in last. If you are doing a 5k or something similar, there are typically people walking who will finish after you. I mean, when I very first started running again, I couldn't necessarily beat all the walkers, and I probably still can't. There are usually slower walkers that you can [...]

Running when you are a beginner

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Well at least once, we are all beginning runners.  As I get ready for my first full marathon on Sunday, I'm still a novice, but I no longer consider myself a beginner.  There is a point in your training where you realize you are a runner.  Running for beginners is a very intimidating  thing.  Its super easy right, one foot then the other foot.  Now do that again and again [...]

Map My Run

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So I started using this new to me app called mapmyrun.  I wanted to find a place to run 3 miles outside around my house.  I just did my 10k and my half is coming up.  Pretty cool plan your route on the computer and send to your phone.  You can drag and drop a route, or there is a feature where it will plan one for you.  Beware though, [...]

Finding a Running Coach

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OK so I asked around on Facebook for a running coach.  I used to have friends that did full ironman triathalon, marathons, etc.  I lucked out and found a girl living up in north county. She said she would be available to answer questions and even go on a run if I wanted.  What I was looking for in a running coach was someone who knows how to run, duh.  Someone that [...]