Getting back on the horse

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  Sometimes it happens. You stop running. You can just need a break from the routine or feel a little burnt out.   You may have regular life intrude on your best running plans. You can get sick or just not have the time. No matter what the reason you stopped running, at some point you will probably think about running again. At some point you may want/be able to [...]

Giving in to the run

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When I run, it is usually a constant battle for at least the first 2-3 miles. The aches and pains from muscles, joints and maybe tendons scream for me to stop, go back to the bed/couch and take it easy.  My body in general revolts at the idea that I am doing this again, so soon after the last run.  I find that I mentally fight running probably even harder [...]

On getting faster

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So there you  are at the back of the pack. Running a 5k and choking on the dust kicked up as everyone passes you.  You start to dream of running faster, not necessarily anything like winning the race, but faster.  The nice thing about faster is that it is relative.  So 14:55 per mile is faster than 14:56 per mile.  Ha ha, technicalities!  I'm talking more about significantly faster running. [...]

Scuba Lessons

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OK so scuba gear weighs a freaking ton.  My gear was 110 pounds.  We took intro scuba classes this weekend and next weekend.  I ran twice this week, but the legs are toast.  The thing about shore diving is you have to put on all of your gear and then walk with it on to the water.  We then had to float and kick out a quarter mile before dropping [...]

Nope, not today

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Tried for the big 3.0, but not happening.  2.6 and the gas ran out.  It happens to all of us.  You don't quite have the umph to get to the goal you set for yourself. I had to take a few days off running because the ibuprofen was not working anymore.  It seems like the more I run, the more I hurt.  I know my gait is off, hips are terrible [...]