Best bra for us bigger girls

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Big boobs like to move around when you run. They are squirrely, as in they will try to escape confinement. I personally am dealing with 38-40 DDD so I find myself trying to avoid black eyes and back strain. In return, I usually end up with chaffing that looks like road rash under my boobs. There is a good chance that some of my early long runs have left me [...]

Adidas Supernova Glide

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I had been running in Nikes for the last 2 years. In high school, it was always Asics. I found that the Asics had become almost a hard plastic with no flex in the sides so I switched to the Nikes. They have been reliably comfortable for a few years, but now they have these weird strings on the side. I like to be able to adjust the laces when [...]

Born to Run – book review

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Books about running really started to come out in the 70's alongside shoes for running.  Well, the first Nike came out in 1971 there were some running shoes from the 1950's, but I'm not going to count them. Runner's World came out in 1966, but meh 70's instead of 60's because it was less fringe after Nike and advertising. So recreational running has been around for a while. I ran [...]

Getting back on the horse

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  Sometimes it happens. You stop running. You can just need a break from the routine or feel a little burnt out.   You may have regular life intrude on your best running plans. You can get sick or just not have the time. No matter what the reason you stopped running, at some point you will probably think about running again. At some point you may want/be able to [...]

Illness Recovery

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It happens sometimes, you get sick.  Sometimes you can run through it, sometimes you can't.  Typically if you can breathe OK you can probably run with a little cold or upset stomach. I prefer the treadmill when I'm not sure because it makes it easier to stop if you need to. I smoked a lot for a long time. While I quit smoking 10 years ago, I most likely did [...]

Active Recovery

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So if you are like me, the day after a long run is typically a rest day.  I take a rest day very, very seriously. If I can move only to go to the bathroom and kitchen for food/drinks, it is a good day.  At least this used to be my rest day. I recently started the Runners World streak challenge only I was sick when it was supposed to start. [...]

Heart Rate Monitors

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I read a lot of different books about training to run further, faster, and if possible easier. One of the types of training you can do is called heart rate training. If you run on a treadmill at the gym ever, you have probably seen that heart rate thing on the screen. Basically the idea is you train at a percentage of what your maximum heart rate should be. I'm [...]

Giving in to the run

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When I run, it is usually a constant battle for at least the first 2-3 miles. The aches and pains from muscles, joints and maybe tendons scream for me to stop, go back to the bed/couch and take it easy.  My body in general revolts at the idea that I am doing this again, so soon after the last run.  I find that I mentally fight running probably even harder [...]

When you don’t feel like running

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Ugh, it is too early/hot/cold/wet/late to go for a run... And I have cramps/headache/sore this or that... And I don't wanna run :( I think everyone who has ever run has had the day where all the excuses seem to make the not running O.K. I have these days about once a week.  Today I powered through it by saying it is just an easy run, just a short run. [...]

Long Run Nutrition

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Once you start training for a long race, be it 10k, 1/2 or full marathon, or 50k.  You may start looking into longer races.  You may do like I did and try to find/read anything that might help make it a little easier or make me faster than molasses finally.  For me, the people who can finish a 50 - 100 mile race are definitely super human.  I look at [...]