Illness Recovery

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It happens sometimes, you get sick.  Sometimes you can run through it, sometimes you can't.  Typically if you can breathe OK you can probably run with a little cold or upset stomach. I prefer the treadmill when I'm not sure because it makes it easier to stop if you need to. I smoked a lot for a long time. While I quit smoking 10 years ago, I most likely did [...]

Active Recovery

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So if you are like me, the day after a long run is typically a rest day.  I take a rest day very, very seriously. If I can move only to go to the bathroom and kitchen for food/drinks, it is a good day.  At least this used to be my rest day. I recently started the Runners World streak challenge only I was sick when it was supposed to start. [...]

Toenails or no toenails

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So after the marathon, I saw that a couple of my toenails were completely white. Not in a clear translucent look, but opaque solid white. Looks like the little buggers are basically detached... Big toe on one foot is half white, and it is the one that hurts. It is also the one that the dog insists on stepping on, of course. So running can sometimes cause you to loose [...]


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When does it stop hurting?  I've been running consistently for almost two months now.  I  jogged 2 miles on Monday, jogged 5k in 44:13 on Tuesday, that is 1:42 faster than the Nashville 5k a few weeks ago.  Not a huge difference, but not a long time either. I kept running until I reached an hour 4.2 miles total.  Taking tomorrow off to see if a little break helps with [...]

2 Miles!!

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Woot. 30 minutes and 2 miles done!  So a little over a week.  My hips hurt the most, not really my hips.  I did some research and it looks like the outside part of the leg around your hips is the IT band.  So you can look that up if you want fun reading.   Really they are just the muscles that stabilize your legs when you run.  So if [...]