Big boobs like to move around when you run. They are squirrely, as in they will try to escape confinement. I personally am dealing with 38-40 DDD so I find myself trying to avoid black eyes and back strain. In return, I usually end up with chaffing that looks like road rash under my boobs. There is a good chance that some of my early long runs have left me with permanent scars. In an effort to minimize the escapes, black eyes, and chaffing I turned to some running friends for their favorites.

  1. Sculptress by Panache
     came recommended by a few friends. They offer plus size sports bras in sizes up to a 40J. The Sculptress is wireless, which is the only kind I will wear. I have heard good things about their underwire version also. Downside was that the front comes up a little high, so may show under some running clothes, not a big issue for me as I wear full tech t-shirts.

  2. Brooks Juno
     bra was also highly recommended. This sports bra only goes up to a 40F so that could be an issue for some. I checked it out on amazon and it has pretty good reviews. I like a compression fit because it keeps the girls from moving around. I don’t like it when my boobs rub together in the middle though. Velcro straps in the front for easy adjustment are a plus.  Wireless is also a plus for me. I won’t wear anything with an underwire.

  3. Enell Racer bra was recommended by a few people, very adamantly. I looked into them, but they have their own size system and I haven’t been by a store to try one on yet. Seriously have to try on anything with its own sizing system. It looks like I would be a size 5. Nice to say that at least once in my adult life. This one has wide straps and a wide band underneath which is always nice. The bra has front clasps. I’m not sure I like the hooks on the front though. If I find one in a store, I will definitely try it on.

  4. Moving Comfort Juno is one that I have owned in the past. The fit was good, the support was great. I ran into an issue with the band under my boobs chaffing the living hell out of me though. The version I had was several years ago. The band had some type of fuzzy ribbed material that turned into razor blades after a while. It looks like they changed the materials, so it might be worth another look.

  5. Shock absorber women’s ultimate running bra was the other sports bra recommended for larger ladies. This one is part of the amazon wardrobe program so you can try it on without worrying about returns if it isn’t your thing. This bad boy looks like a top contender to me. Thick band underneath, thick shoulder straps, adjustable, and solid reviews.

My friends suggested a few great options and I’m trying/retrying them as time and money allow. Before you decide on a brand/version get fitted!! This is the most important step to prevent chaffing and unhappiness as a larger runner. Most running stores and department stores offer a free fitting. Make sure you are running in the right size bra as this causes most problems that I see in myself and friends.

Additionally, if you are currently dealing with chafing, use some body glide. Seriously this stuff will save your skin. My trick is to apply it to both my body, thick layer under my boobs, and the bra itself. This tends to prevent more than simply rubbing it on your skin.

Finally, throw out the old bras that are stretched and don’t hold you anymore. I am guilty of hanging onto a favorite way too long.