I had been running in Nikes for the last 2 years. In high school, it was always Asics. I found that the Asics had become almost a hard plastic with no flex in the sides so I switched to the Nikes. They have been reliably comfortable for a few years, but now they have these weird strings on the side. I like to be able to adjust the laces when I run if my feet swell a bit.  This is virtually impossible to do on the fly with the strings.

adidas_supernova_7I went to my local road runner and tried out several different brands.  The new winner is the Adidas Supernova Glide 7. These shoes have soft comfortable sides and flat laces that are easy to re-lace/adjust and stay tied pretty well. The shoes are super lightweight and feel like wearing nothing.  The best part is the boost foam, this stuff makes me feel like I have springs. I tried them around the store and they were instantly comfortable. I have taken them out around the town for up to 9 miles and been extremely happy with the fit and feel. They still make me feel energized while I’m running. They’re also relatively inexpensive compared to a lot of shoes on the market. If you have a chance, try a pair out. They are AMAZING!