So if you are like me, the day after a long run is typically a rest day.  I take a rest day very, very seriously. If I can move only to go to the bathroom and kitchen for food/drinks, it is a good day.  At least this used to be my rest day. I recently started the Runners World streak challenge only I was sick when it was supposed to start.  I just started it when I could start running again.  My rest day is now a jog/run of at least 1 mile. So 2 days a week, I just run a little over a mile in a loop around my neighborhood. The rest of the days I run my regularly scheduled training program.

At first I was a little annoyed by the gear up/go out for just a mile.  Also, where was my lay around and don’t move all day? I mean, I work hard and I run hard, and now no rest!  I started back running after 6 weeks of bronchitis/pneumonia. I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to run when you cannot breathe.  I had 2 weeks to get back in shape for a 15k Resolution run. I started on the streak and had a long run of 6 miles before the race weekend. I found that running that 1 mile and stretching seemed to help my legs recover more quickly. I guess it gets the blood flowing and helps keep you limber on days off.  After 2 weeks of streaking, I find it easier to run every day than to take rest days.

Bonus side effect of running every day, no excuse to push this run till tomorrow. If you are going to run at least a mile, what is a couple more?