So, I did it!  I’ve been running for a full year. Not every day. Not as fast as I want to. Not every time I was supposed to.  I did, start running faster, lose weight, finish 3 half marathons, and set personal records in the 5k, 10k, 15k, and 20k(only did 1 lol).  Also, I learned that I am capable of doing things like running for 3 hours, that is tougher mentally than physically I think.  It hurts no more after 3 hours than it does after 1.5 hours.  Running hurts, but your mind can keep you going.  I am not done running.  I am doing my first full marathon in just a few more weeks. I’m nervous, but confident that I will finish. Also it will be a PR because it is the first. Stay tough and run on!