No breaks means I am constantly sore/stiff from running.  2.5 miles, 2 miles, and a run of 1.5 miles at 12:30 pace walking to 2.25 miles total for the day.  Really just trying to get 2 miles per day one way or another.  There is no wrong way that I see to do this.  It is better running most of the way and walking if I have to.  One day I’ll be able to run 5 miles, but not today.  I was wondering if I should take a day off, but a lot of runners that I speak with say that you don’t need a break unless you do something crazy.  Like if you have a race, you should take it easy the next day.  So I just run every day I feel like I can.  It is always the worst part for like the first 5 minutes or so. After that, I just run until I can’t breathe and then take a break. Ha ha.  Take that couch!