Woot. 30 minutes and 2 miles done!  So a little over a week.  My hips hurt the most, not really my hips.  I did some research and it looks like the outside part of the leg around your hips is the IT band.  So you can look that up if you want fun reading.   Really they are just the muscles that stabilize your legs when you run.  So if you are overweight and don’t have a strong base, these things hurt because they don’t really exist.  So as you start working out, you start building these muscles, but the process hurts.  There are some good stretches that can help and a foam roller is a must to really massage these muscles.

I find that the foam roller is really hard to get used to and hurts a good bit at first.  It is a lot like an actual massage in that you have a good bit of pain, but feel better afterwards.  I got a 36″ foam roller from amazon which works great.  You can roll your entire back and both legs, hamstrings or quadriceps at the same time. I find that it is quite hard so I like to try to prop myself up to keep from putting my full body weight on one area. It takes a good bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, I don’t think you’ll go back to not using it.

Another option I like to get out the knots is using a rolling massage stick. I got the original stick from amazon and find that it s really good for specific knots.  You can control the pressure a little better since you use your hands to apply as much or as little pressure as you want to work the knot out.

The best option is to get a massage of course, but that gets expensive quickly.