At least I’m pretty sure I’m still alive.  It was a tough day for the longest run I’ve ever done. It rained, all day.  I decided I wanted to run in the rain and feel alive… Plus, I mean who can run 15 miles on a treadmill?  The gym staff have all the televisions set to sports channels of some sort.  Seriously, how much more boring can running indoors get?  So I drove to the coast and decided to run around Fiesta Island a few times.  The first lap went pretty well.  I was able to keep up a good pace.  I had mapped it out and it was supposed to be 5 miles around the outside loop, but it was 4.  I was pretty sure the GPS and pace were right about that.  I had put off the long slow run for as long as I could and by the time  I finished lap 2, it was starting to get dark.  SO, off to the gym to run the other 7 miles.  I ate half a pb&j on the way to the gym.  I was hungry and I definitely preferred it to gel or a shot-block. I think I’ll be switching to pb&j on long runs more often.

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