The San Diego Beer 10K was hell.  OK so I haven’t been running as much as I should.  I’ll be honest, I skipped a day here or there.  I thought I was still doing OK.  This was the first day I ran a race over 5k, ever.  This was one of the worst experiences of my life… Frequent water to me means every mile or so.  I mean there was 1 water station at mile 2 and one at the end of the 5k.  So 6.2 miles, 3 half cups of water.  Not good.  Before the race, the portapotties were locked.  That’s right, 1 public restroom with a line around the block.

The route was the 5k race twice.  I have to say from a morale standpoint, this was a brutal blow.  Getting tired and having to go around a whole lap again.. knowing there is little water.  The course went from cement sidewalk to cobblestone type of ground.  Super uneven terrain.   The course was not closed… There were tourists strolling through the course.  I mean seriously, there was a line for the fish market that you had to dodge around to finish the 10k.  I had that issue with my calves getting so tight I couldn’t run for a bit so I had to walk a little bit.  Finish time: 1 hour 23 minutes 42 seconds.  13:28 minute average.  Overall, the worst race I have ever done including high school 20 plus years ago…  Only redeeming feature was that I did get a beer and didn’t finish last.  The beer line was long, I almost skipped it.  I love beer so that says A LOT!!!

Will not be doing this race again next year.