Half marathon that is.  So in looking to advance my distance abilities for the upcoming full marathon, I have been running ridiculous distances over the weekends.  I fell for the run these 2 races and you get a bonus medal…  So Saturday I ran the St. Patrick’s Day 10k around Fiesta Island.  I pushed pretty hard and set a new PR by 6 minutes.  That is about a minute a mile faster than the last time I ran a 10k.  It has been about 6 months so it is good to see that I am running faster than I was.  I still feel so very slow though…  I really want to climb out of the bottom 100 at any event that I do.

Sunday was double punishment day. I ran a half marathon on Sunday in El Cajon.  The best thing was that it was also a craft brewing festival.  So when you finish the run, beer tasting from a dozen or so local breweries.  I will say that although there was a sudden heat wave, the race was well organized.  There was water every mile, which is always fantastic!!  Only problem was that they started at 8… too late. The sun was up at 6:00, we could have started an hour earlier and not have been running when it was after 11 AM.  The other issue was that the beer festival stopped serving from 11-12. No real explanation, just no beer for an hour.  Totally lame.

Now for the good news.  The 1/2 marathon was by no means a PR, but I finished it after a 10k the day before that was.  I also got my bonus medal for the St. Patrick’s challenge! Score more bling!