I have to laugh every time one of my skinny friends tell me how easy running is or how fast they run.  I am a fat girl, and I run. I run a lot, 30+ miles a week.  It wasn’t always this way, or I probably would not have gotten fat…  I really started running again in April of 2014.  We went for a hike and it was late.. We were in the desert and it was starting to get dark. My wife was scared of the climbs and it was taking too long.  We were only supposed to be going for a mile or 2 hike.  I realized that she might be stuck and I might have to go for help.  I didn’t think I could… I was literally so out of shape that if our lives depended on it, I couldn’t get help.  Luckily, we eventually made it back to camp. I was sore for a week from that small hike and I decided I would never be that out of shape again.  When I got home from the camping trip, I started running.  I couldn’t run a half mile when I started, but almost a year makes a big difference.  I’m not young either, I’ll be 40 this year, so don’t think I’m 18 and just quickly able to turn it around.  When I lay in bed in the morning thinking, I can’t do this, there is a little voice in my head that says “RUN FAT GIRL”.  Most of the time I do, but sometimes I still can’t.

Starting is the hardest part.

Running is something that you can do

There will always be tomorrow.

For almost everyone, you can pretty much start walking or running now.

Music helps

Music made all the difference for me starting out

Purist be damned

I’ll be sharing some of the song that help you get through it.

You might lose weight

Running may not be the best way to lose weight

It is possible

But… I have lost weight and you could too.  It still takes a combination of diet and exercise, but it is possible

Running is your time

You can give yourself a million reasons not to, but you are the reason to get out there.

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